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OGP Toolbox Hackathon: Civic Tech for Open Government

Wed, Sep 21, 2016 9:00 AM - 21:00 PM @ Civic Hall


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France will host the Open Government Partnership 2016 Global Summit that will take place in Paris on December 7, 8 and 9.

As announced at the Global Summit launch event on April 20, a hackathon on civic tech and the concrete implementation of open government principles and national commitments will take place during the Global Summit. The goal of this hackathon is to come up with an open government toolbox for the OGP, governments and civil society.

Open data portals, public consultation platforms, tools for monitoring and co-creating the law, discussion forums, civic tech solutions, online platforms to monitor the implementation of national action plans: these are examples of software and online services used by governments and civil society around the world, which could be referenced, shared and reused.

This toolbox will be based on a catalogue, including examples of use cases and technical criteria, to help choose among available solutions. It aims at facilitating the implementation of national commitments made by governments in their national action plans and encouraging cooperation, peer learning and resource sharing between OGP members.

Until December, sprints and workshops will be organized for public officials, civil society representatives, companies, start-ups and members of the civic tech ecosystem to meet and work together on the toolbox. The toolbox will be presented at the end of the hackathon during the OGP 2016 Global Summit, on December 8 and 9.

OGP Toolbox events:

Participants will be able to contribute to the open government toolbox throughout several events in France and abroad. These sprints and workshops will allow participants to work on use cases and referencing criteria, to test solutions, to improve the interoperability of technical tools and their translation into different languages, to identify new needs, to make software installation simple and accessible…

Provisional agenda for "OGP Toolbox Hackathon: Civic Tech for Open Government"

On September 21, Etalab and Civic Hall are co-organizing an OGP Toolbox sprint in New York:

9 - 10 am:

  • Welcome remarks, Civic Hall leadership
  • Opening, by Laure Lucchesi (Director of Etalab)
  • Presentation of the OGP Toolbox, by Paula Forteza (Etalab) and Emmanuel Raviart (Etalab)
  • Civic Tech for Open Government projects

10 - 1 pm: Group work

1 - 2 pm: Lunch

2 - 6 pm: Group work

6 - 7 pm:

  • Presentation of group work conclusions
  • Closing, Ministerial level (to be confirmed)

7 - 8:30 pm: Cocktail

More info on how to contribute to the project here.

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